World’s richest dog Gunther VI ‘sells’ the mansion Madonna once owned

The beloved dog Gunther VI inherited the fortune from the late German countess Karlotta Leibenstein. The dog used to be in the bedroom of the mansion formerly owned by singer Madonna.

The very lucky German dog Gunther VI benefits from a trust fund that owns a mansion in Miami (USA) with 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms once owned by Madonna. The waterfront house inherited by Gunther VI sold for $29 million, according to People .

This famous dog’s wealth comes from German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein, who passed away in 1992 and left her entire fortune worth $80 million to her beloved pet dog Gunther III – Mr. of Gunther VI – because she had no children or close relatives. The dog’s owners have amassed a fortune of $500 million and invested Gunther’s money in mansions and mansions around the world .

Super-rich dog Gunther VI and Aunt Ruthie (small photo) of real estate company Ruthie Assouline

Ruthie of the real estate company Ruthie Assouline undertakes the sale of the mansion in Miami. “We have sold countless homes worth millions of dollars but this particular home is definitely a first. When the property managers told me a dog owned this huge property, I didn’t believe it,” Ruthie told reporters when the house was first put on the market.

Gunther VI dog mansion sold for $29 million

Ruthie had to undergo a rigorous sniffing test before receiving approval from Gunther VI. “During my first meeting with Gunther, the dog ran up to me and licked the lipstick off my lips. I think that’s what really seals the deal!” Ruthie said.

The mansion is located on an area of ​​​​about 4,650 m 2 with a frontage of 100 m, overlooking the city, with swimming pool, fountain and pier where Gunther VI enjoys the sun when from Italy – where he dogs live most of the time – visiting Miami.

Gunther VI dog in front of the mansion in Miami

Gunther VI’s assets are managed by The Gunther Corporation. This is the company created to ensure that the dog is always well taken care of.

By law, when a pet owner leaves an inheritance to a pet or any other animal, the money is usually put into a trust with a trustee to make decisions about how to spend it. . The caregiver names the pet and he or she receives regular remuneration for looking after it.

Gunther VI carers also spend money on scientific research. They founded the Gunther Rescue Foundation to help animals in need.

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