UPDATE: The Hojlund’s plan was canceled, Man United immediately reappear the ‘Varane 2.0’ deal.

According to Manchester Evening News, the plan to launch Rasmus Hojlund has changed in the near future

Rasmus Hojlund đến MU: Chờ Hojlund chinh phục Old Trafford

Rasmus Hojlund is about to become a Man Utd man. This deal costs the Red Devils a large amount of money. Accordingly, Man Utd must spend 75 million euros in fixed fees and an additional 10 million euros in surcharges, bringing the total price to 85 million euros for this deal.

Notably, Man Utd was forced to delay and cannot announce Hojlund’s signature right now. Reporter Fabrizio Romano confirmed: “Man Utd plan to launch Hojlund this weekend. Visa and employment contract are being finalized.”

Man Utd's Rasmus Hojlund transfer DELAYED as likely new announcement date is revealed | The Sun

According to the Manchester Evening News, the 20-year-old arrived in Carrington later than expected. Initially, the Reds planned for Hojlund to meet some fans – similar to Mason Mount, while also performing media duties for the team’s website and social platforms.

However, Hojlund’s tardy arrival caused a disruption in the day’s schedule, so Man Utd canceled the original plan and came up with a substitute.

Man United is specifically thinking about having Hojlund make his debut this Saturday against Lens in a friendly. The international player from Denmark might greet the crowd for the first time either before the game begins or after the first half.

Manchester United Unveil Raphael Varane At Old Trafford Before Leeds Clash

This is similar to the appearance of Raphael Varane before the opening match of the 2021/22 season against Leeds United. 10 minutes before the match, Man United let Varane out to greet the audience, adding to the bustling atmosphere.

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