Unforgettable Experience: Humans Locked in Cages Have a Thrilling Encounter with Majestic Lions

You must have visited your local zoo to see wild animals behind bars. But, how many of you have actually been in a cage while big cats roamed outside in the open? This is precisely the scene in Glen Garriff Lion Sanctuary.

Glen Garriff Lion Sanctuary is a n on-profit organization. They have dedicated themselves to the wellbeing of the African lion population in South Africa. The sanctuary has also helped in the study and learning about the species.

There are around 77 lions who are cared for and live in the sanctuary with their families. Glen Garriff provides them a natural habitat where they live their whole life in a protected environment.

The sanctuary is well known for its unique plexiglass cage experience. You get to experience and see the lions like never before. You get to safely watch, hear and smell the lions without the fear of getting hurt.

Only two visitors can enter the cage at any given point to look at these beautiful animals. However, it is a strange experience for the lions as they just can’t get through to the humans, which they think are their snacks for the day.

Visitors only above 14 can enter the glass cage and enjoy a close look at the majestic animals. However, the experience depends on the climatic conditions and the availability of the staff.

There are small windows and circular holes that can give you a very close look at the lions. Thus, it brings the experience of being with the animals in their natural habitat. The windows & holes are safe and too small for the paws of the lion to get through.

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