There’s No Coming Back From These Top Finishing Moves In WWE

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For some WWE superstars, the hallmark of their character is their devastating finishing maneuver. For fans, seeing those jaw-dropping finishers is often the best part of a match.

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The talent in the WWE locker room right now are better performers than ever before. As a result, today’s superstars have some of the flashiest and most painful finishing moves we’ve ever seen. In today’s WWE, with the work rate and fan expectations higher than ever, Superstars are forced to reach into their bag of tricks and pull out finishers we’ve never seen before.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the current roster and see who’s got the greatest finishers in WWE.

AJ Styles — Styles Clash


The Styles Clash is one of AJ Styles’ three finishing moves, but this one is by far the coolest and most effective of them all. The Styles Clash has won titles for the Phenomenal One in almost every major promotion in the world and its flashy and dangerous setup makes for an impactful finisher that almost nobody kicks out of.

Styles picks up his opponent as if to perform a Powerbomb, but he lets his foe’s body hang down head first toward the ground. Styles then proceeds to wrap his legs around his opponent’s arms, effectively trapping them in an upside-down hanging position before falling forward causing his opponent to faceplant with his arms and legs trapped.

Happy Corbin — End Of Days


Believe it or not, Corbin’s End Of Days is actually the single most protected finisher in all of WWE today. Only one person has managed to kick out of the move throughout Corbin’s now 10-year career. The former NFL star and Golden Gloves boxing champion simply yanks his opponents toward him before using the momentum to fall backward forcing them to faceplant.

The six-foot, eight-inch, almost 300-pound Corbin is not one to be messed with and his finisher is one you certainly wouldn’t want to experience. It is easily one of the most impactful, but beautiful finishers in WWE today and it’s kept its reputation as a true match-ending move.

Randy Orton — RKO


You can’t have a complete best finishers list without Randy Orton’s famous RKO. The RKO is one of the most popular moves of all time with fans and even has its own internet “meme,” which can still be found all over social media. Orton’s RKO is also one of the most protected finishers in wrestling history and he can nail the move out of nowhere.

Whether his opponent is flipping off the top rope or running full speed down the entrance ramp, absolutely nobody is safe from an RKO. Orton has continued to evolve and surprise fans with his ability to continually hit the RKO in innovative ways. Orton took a simple wrestling move such as a Cutter and turned it into his own trademark finisher that helped become the star he is today.

Seth Rollins — The Stomp


Seth Rollins’ Stomp, formally known as the Curb Stomp, is one of the most violent finishers in WWE and one that nobody kicks out of. The Stomp is a somewhat controversial move because of its brutality and complex history. However, after a short ban, WWE gave Rollins the green light to continue to use the move.

Rollins simply measures his opponent before jumping in the air and stomping the back of their head straight into the ground. When a superstar gets hit with a Stomp, don’t expect them to kick out. The move helped Rollins capture nearly every title in WWE.

Mustafa Ali — Inverted 450-Splash


Mustafi Ali’s inverted 450 Splash is one of the most beautiful and underrated finishers there is. It is unbelievably difficult as Ali must not only complete a front flip and a half, but he must successfully aim and land on his opponent, backward and from the top rope. Every time Ali does this move, fans explode and are unsure how he’s agile and athletic enough to complete it. Cleverly nicknamed the 054 Splash, Ali recently announced he will only be performing the move on special occasions because of its insane risks and challenges. Fans will have to wait and see what new finisher Ali settles on, but we’ll definitely be craving an 054 Splash and sure that his new finisher will be just as cool.

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