Lionel Messi’s grandson has revealed that your Arentines are like a family

Tomás Messi, Lionel Messi’s nephew, provided facts about his uncle’s family life and rҽvҽaled what he got him for his birthday.

Apart from being a soccer great, Lionel Messi is well-known for being a family man.This was acknowledged by his nephew Tomás Messi, who described what it’s like to live in meetings with the Argentine soccer player, who is simply known as Leo to them.

“We are very familiar. Leo is the calmest. He is just what he looks like, a great person. He makes jokes at you, he is quite jodón, but he also has his quiet moments and you have to let him rest ”,

The nephew began in an interview for the El Giro Perfecto program, broadcast by the Que Flá channel through Twitch.

The young man underlined the environment’s togetherness.Their careers are not an excuse, and they always look for a way to come together at end-of-year celebrations to enjoy themselves together.At that point, the ’10’ simply wants to relax and enjoy some time away from the stresses of his job.

Despite his celebrity, Messi constantly considers his family while making decisions about his future.

The best example is that he switched to Major League Soccer to play for Inter Miami.This change would allow him to be less stressed, spend more time with his family, and be closer to his home country of Argentina.

Tomás rҽvҽaled that he is a big fan of his uncle, but when he is with him, he tries to make him feel more at ease.In the end, that is what he seeks.

“If we speak from fanaticism, I see him as the greatest person there is, he is an extraordinary player, most know it. But if we go to family time, I treat him as one of the others, as he wants to feel. Be one more. Treat him the same, fuck him the same, tease him the same . “

The best gift Lionel Messi gave his nephew

The captain of the Argentine National Team had a nice gesture with his nephew when he turned 18 . Tomás confessed that everything was a surprise.

“The groups that he brought to my 18-year-old party,” he acknowledged. Then she mentioned the names of those who showed up: “They brought me Los Palmeras by surprise, it was crazy. Fer Palacio and Damas Gratis were also present” ,

Mentioned the son of Matías Messi, Leo’s older brother.

I heard reports about Los Palmeras de Rosario performing at their celebration before they came out, but I didn’t believe them.At that point, the left-handed winger appeared and brought him to the other side of the pitch as a feint to finish establishing the scene.The group has previously shared with Leo.

When he returned, he was able to establish that one of his favorite bands had performed on his birthday.The donation was not solely his, but several members of his family were involved.He will never forget the encounter.It exemplifies the family side of one of the greatest soccer players in history, who also wants the best for his family.

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