I hate woгking out so I got my mate to tattoo me the peгfect six pack instead – now I’m гeady foг the summeг

A MAN who hates working out got the perfect six pack tattooed on his stomach – just in time for summer.

In footage shared on TikTok, a man is seen struggling at the gym as he tries to get a toned tummy.

Dean filmed a video with his client who appeared to hate working out
He showed him an image of a six-pack he would like
The final tattoo took two days to complete

Finding himself not succeeding, his tattoo artist buddy offers to enhance his look with the help of a some permanent ink.

But all is not quite as it seems as the man who is seen struggling to work out was really a muse for a special tattoo project.

Dean Gunther, 34, was the artist behind the design – and it turns out he’d been wanting to bring the tattoo to life for some time.

He told The Sun Online: “I had seen really bad ones attempted before. Because I specialise in colour realism I wanted to give it a go.

“I thought it would be funny as hell.”

He says it took two days to complete – but early on in the process it nearly fell apart.

Gunther said: “The client nearly quit one hour into it on the first day but we got there.”

The ink artist, from South Africa, has a studio he works out of in Greater Manchester.

He says he was stoked to find someone who liked the fake six-pack as much as he did.

As it was more of a passion project, Dean didn’t charge him for the tattoo.

Once he was complete, Dean thought it would be funny to make a video for TikTok with the client.

The clip has proved a hit, with more than 62,900 views so far.

It comes as a man revealed that he was hired for a job just hours after a getting a face tattoo.

Maiko Newell initially took to TikTok to share the moment he went under the needle – which has since been viewed more than 25 million times.

In the video it appeared as if the client asked his friend for help to get abs

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