Grimes gets massive red leg tattoo from ankle to thigh

Grimes has added to her body art collection with a massive blood-red tattoo that spans her entire right leg from ankle to thigh.

In January, Grimes wrote on her Instagram Stories that she’s in the middle of a “long slow effort to have a full alien body … totally covered in white ink.”

As part of the ongoing process, she covered her back in a tangled web of white lines.

And Grimes – who shares son X AE A-XII and daughter Exa with ex Elon Musk – revealed her latest permanent design on Thursday on her Instagram Stories.

grimes new tattoo
Grimes showed off a brand new leg piece on her Instagram Stories.

“V nice v nice – will get a better photo when I’m free,” Grimes (born Claire Boucher) wrote over a picture of herself posing in the tattoo chair, tagging her artist, Daniela.

grimes red tattoo
The “Oblivion” singer’s tattoo artist shared close-ups of the intricate ink.
grimes tattoo
Grimes has been tattooing her entire body and wants to add a design to her face next.

Daniela, who’s currently working in Los Angeles, shared an Instagram carousel with images of her detailed work.

The traveling tattooist thanked Grimes and captioned the snaps, “such a pleasure working with u on this piece,” before explaining, “wanna do more of this color textures plz!!!”

While most fans appreciated the intriguing red design, some people on Twitter were left perplexed.

“Elon Musk ex. girl friend, baby momma Grimes got either a new horrific tattoo or she has the worst varicose veins in human history,” one confused commenter joked on Twitter.

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Elon Musk’s ex caused confusion on social media with the blood-red tat.
Grimes wants to cover her entire body in alien-inspired ink.

Grimes first showed off the tattoo outline on Twitter on May 31, asking her followers, “Okay .. red ink ?”

One of her fans suggested changing the current color, explaining, “Purple kind of looks like varicose veins. I’d probably avoid purple or blue.”

The “Oblivion” singer also shared a close-up of a delicate new design on her ear. “Gna get better pics,” she wrote, tagging the Berlin-based artist behind the intricate alien-inspired piece and writing, “thank u for doing my ear!!!”

“One step closer to face tattoooooo,” Grimes promised her 2.4 million followers.

grimes tattoos
Grimes spoke about wanting to get a white-ink face tat last year.

In September, Grimes talked about wanting a white-ink face tattoo on Instagram.

“I am very seriously considering getting a white ink tattoo on my face next week,” captioned a colorful selfie. “Any thoughts? It feels like it’s time.”

A week before talking about her desire to tattoo her mug, she shared a photo of her bandaged face, which sparked rumors she’d gotten “elf ear” surgery.

It would appear her alien evolution is almost complete.

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