Comparing the love level of the two “male gods” of the Hemsworth family: The older brother “Thor”, the exemplary father of three children, the younger brother who is the ideal husband of Miley Cyrus

Possessing a “deadly” charm with ocean-blue eyes, an ideal height of 1m90, a successful career and a perfect love story with two famous Hollywood beauties is what the two brothers Hemsworth achieved this when he was only in his 30s. Not only that, both were also known as “family men” with unwavering loyalty to their “other halves”.


“God of Thunder” Chris Hemsworth: Model father and husband who loves his wife deeply

“The sexiest man on the planet”  Chris Hemsworth  was born in 1983. Right from the beginning of his career, the Australian actor made a strong impression with his excellent appearance. He became famous with many famous roles in blockbuster movies such as:  Star Trek, The Avengers…

Normally, the more spacious the career path is, the more narrow the path to home is, but that’s not the case with Chris Hemsworth. Not only does he love his wife dearly, he also knows how to balance his life to always have time for his children, so that their growth will not be without the presence of their father.


Chris Hemsworth got married to famous Spanish actress and model – Elsa Pataky in 2010 after only 9 months of dating. The relationship between sisters with a 7 year age gap has received many whispers that it will not last long. However, thanks to Elsa Pataky’s sacrifice and willingness to stay behind and Chris Hemsworth’s understanding and sympathy for his wife, their small home is always filled with laughter and three adorable little angels. .


The couple’s lovely daughter India Rose was born in 2012. Then, the twins Tristan – Sasha were born in 2014. Welcoming 3 children in 4 short years, Father Chris decided to bring his whole family back to live in his hometown of Australia to help his wife and children have a peaceful life, without too much pressure of being hunted and scrutinized about their private life.

“I love my job but sometimes I feel suffocated when constantly living in this environment. Fame can make us delusional, so I decided to bring my family back to Australia so I don’t have to breathe.” showbiz atmosphere every day. There, I’m just a normal dad ,” Chris confided.


Despite his busy work schedule, Chris Hemsworth never regrets spending time with his children. There are few stars whose personal pages are filled with photos of them playing with their children like Chris Hemsworth. The image of tall, muscular father Chris holding his three little angels is no stranger to fans. 

The family of 5 members often goes on vacation together, enjoying peaceful and sweet moments together. The “God of Thunder” also did not forget to prepare private dates with his wife to relive the feeling of love. Every time he leaves the camera, Chris Hemsworth quickly returns to Australia to reunite with his wife and children. Since becoming a couple with Elsa Pataky, there have been absolutely no rumors about the couple being unfaithful to their partners.


Elsa Pataky is also always proud to talk about her and her husband’s dream place: “We enjoy a peaceful hometown life, where my husband believes the children will learn to love nature, animals and have spirituality.” Pretty”.

In everyday life. Elsa is not afraid to praise her husband as “the family hero”. When not filming, Chris Hemsworth is ready to go to the kitchen to help his wife wash dishes or go to his children’s school canteen to prepare meals for the children with everyone. 

As for Chris, he always understood his wife’s sacrifice of her career to support her husband in pursuing his acting career. “She is the greatest mother in the world and I am the luckiest man in the world ,” Chris Hemsworth shared humorously.

This year, although his career is rapidly rising with two blockbusters The Avengers: Endgame and Men In Black: International, Chris is still willing to announce that he will pause work from now until the end of the year to spend time on his career. children. Because he understands that the most important thing is not fame or money but family. 

“This year I just want to rest with my children. They are at a very important age, they are very young and have begun to realize that I am leaving more than before. 

Normally, she calls me Daddy or says things like “Dad is a great person”. However, after a period of time away from home, she started calling me Papa – a strange way of addressing me that she had never called me like before,” Chris shared.


Chris Hemsworth’s peaceful life with his wife and 3 young children.

Liam Hemsworth: Perfect happiness after 10 years of testing love with Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth – the youngest son in the Hemsworth family but his appearance is the most outstanding. The actor’s face is considered extremely balanced, combined with beautiful features: from attractive blue eyes, high nose bridge to extremely masculine bushy eyebrows. If his brother Chris Hemsworth’s beauty is muscular and masculine, then Liam is truly a romantic and elegant gentleman.


As one of Hollywood’s promising actors when appearing in two movies “The Hunger Games” and “The Last Song”, Liam is more famous as Miley Cyrus’s handsome lover.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been together since they were teenagers, falling in love at first sight after meeting while filming The Last Song in 2009. However, the couple’s love faced many storms in the past. the first years together.


The couple broke up many times, even canceled their engagement and seemed unable to get back together. However, after many separations, two similar hearts found their way back together and had a perfect ending at the end of 2018. The couple’s secret wedding took place at their home in Nashville, USA under blessings of relatives and friends.


In an interview with Today on January 15, Liam Hemsworth said: “We’ve been together for so long, more than 10 years and I feel like it’s time. I feel really happy and lucky to be with her.” that”. Returning to Liam’s side, Miley became a small, sweet girl again, far different from the rebellious, out-of-control she once did when she was broken in love. 


Liam describes his relationship with Miley as “a deeper connection” than simple love. The actor even said he wanted to have 10 – 20 children with Miley when sharing about his current married life. Enjoying married life after many ups and downs, Miley and Liam often share on their personal pages the fun and sweet moments in everyday life.

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