Chris Hemsworth’s handsome looks almost reached the ‘golden’ ratio

According to the ancient Greek formula for calculating the ‘golden’ ratio, actor Chris Hemsworth reached 93.5%, which was highly appreciated for his face shape and eye proportions but ‘lost points’ in the nose.

Plastic surgeon Julian De Silva based on science and ancient Greek beauty standards to come up with the “golden” ratio for beautiful faces in men. According to this formula, actor Chris Hemsworth ranked second in the list of male stars with a “golden” standard face, reaching 93.53%.

Chris scored the highest in eye ratio and face shape. However, according to the “golden” ratio standard applied by Doctor Julian, the length and width of Chris’ nose is considered to be less than perfect, which can be considered the biggest drawback on the actor’s face. In 2014, Chris Hemsworth was voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine .

Chris Hemsworth was born in 1983 in Australia. Thanks to his handsome appearance, muscular body and acting ability, Chris successfully performed and made an impression with the role of “Thunder God” Thor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is also one of the actors topping the list of Marvel stars making the most money. His income is mainly from acting fees, income from film revenue and advertising rights. Chris received between $15 and $20 million for the role of Thor in Avengers: Endgame . Chris also continued to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder released mid-2022. In 2010, Chris married actor 7 years older than him Elsa Pataky . The star couple has three children and a happy married life

Chris Hemsworth and his wife

Leading the list of male stars with a “golden” standard face is British actor Regé-Jean Page, who plays Duke Simon Basset of Hastings in the series Bridgerton . Regé’s face ratio is only 0.12% different from Chris Hemsworth’s according to the “golden” ratio standard, reaching 93.65%.

Actor Regé-Jean Page


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