Carmelo Anthony’s New Insights into the Greatest of All Time Debate Between LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Anthony spoke during the most recent episode of his ‘7 PM in Brooklyn’ podcast

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan: Carmelo Anthony weighs in on GOAT...LeBron James (left) and Michael Jordan (right)

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are two of the top three greatest NBA players in history. Everybody has a take on the GOAT debate, but Carmelo Anthony just delivered a fresh view into how the two aforementioned superstars feel about the conversation.

Anthony said during the most recent episode of his “7 PM in Brooklyn” podcast that James cares more than Jordan about the greatest of all time label, but only because the latter already set the bar.

Carmelo Anthony reflects on life’s impact beyond the gameRoberto Ortega

James, 39, isn’t the only one who underdelivered when he promised the Miami Heat seven rings. A young Jordan thought Bill Russell‘s 11 titles were attainable.

Anthony expressed just that and how James has already done enough to be included in the GOAT conversation because he reached 10 NBA Finals in 20 years.

Carmelo Anthony speaks on Kobe Bryant

Anthony also spoke on the late great Kobe Bryant, saying that even his nickname was different than most because of the “Mamba Mentality” he made famous.

While most people’s nicknames have to do with giant-sized beasts such as lions, tigers and bears, Anthony explained that choosing a snake was Bryant’s way to make sure opponent’s didn’t like him.

Anthony continues to touch on controversial topics in his podcast, most recently lashing out at Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic.

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