Before Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction 2, Matt Damon Set Himself on Fire for $225M Christian Bale Movie

Before Chris Hemsworth's Extraction 2, Matt Damon Set Himself on Fire for $225M Christian Bale Movie

Matt Damon delivered an exceptional portrayal of the late Carroll Shelby in the biographical sports drama film, Ford v Ferrari. Having climbed the ranks in Hollywood, Damon has established himself as a highly bankable star, with his movies collectively grossing around $3.8B at the box office, as per Forbes.

Matt Damon

The 52-year-old actor achieved this feat through his dedication and commitment to the craft. During the shooting of James Mangold’s film back in 2018, the Jason Bourne actor fearlessly set himself on fire for a scene, foregoing the use of any CGI effects.

Matt Damon set on fire for Ford v Ferrari

In the movie, Matt Damon‘s character, Carroll Shelby, played a crucial role in helping Henry Ford’s company surpass the then-dominant Ferrari brand in the racing world. Ford v Ferrari recounts the intense rivalry between the two car companies as they vie for victory at Le Mans in 1966. One of the pivotal scenes in the film involved testing the Ford car GT40 Mk II, which crashed and burst into flames due to faulty brakes.

Various news outlets caught the moments on camera when the Good Will Hunting actor prepared for the scene and was set on fire at a private airport outside of Los Angeles. Sporting a flame retardant suit beneath a jumpsuit, reminiscent of race car drivers and mechanics in the 1960s, Damon also wore a protective helmet, goggles, and gloves. This daring act resurfaced recently when Chris Hemsworth did the same for Extraction 2.

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Chris Hemsworth in a 'blazing' still from Extraction 2

Following in the footsteps of Matt Damon’s fiery feat, Chris Hemsworth also showed his daring side during the making of Extraction 2. According to director Hargrave, Hemsworth performed 99% of the action sequences, only relying on stunt doubles when things get too dangerous. In a particular scene, the Thor actor insisted on being lit on fire instead of resorting to CGI flames. Hargrave recounted the experience:

“We lit him on fire. That wasn’t computer-generated fire. It was talked about – it might be safer with CG fire. But it just doesn’t look the same, it doesn’t have the same feel. So he was like, ‘Yeah, light me up.’ I think it was seven or eight times we lit Chris Hemsworth on fire and he punched his way through a bunch of villains. It was amazing, visually, to watch.”

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While Matt Damon’s scene in Ford v Ferrari might seem less cool compared to Hemsworth’s fiery display, the bravery shown by The Departed actor should be truly commended.

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